November 27, 2023 - 2023 Operation Moksha


This morning after breakfa   st we wrote a lot of thank you notes for all the drivers and translators and teachers here. Then after that we drove through some jungle lookin place with a river to this temple up on the side of the mountain. At the temple we did this little blessing thing and they gave us all some string bracelet things that are pretty sick. After we finished the blessing thing we all got out some foam pads and we had a Yogi do yoga with us for probably 30 mins. It was way sick. Definitely a good experience. 

After that we drove back to our hotel and ate lunch. The lunch today was pretty good it was some fried rice and chili chicken. Then we all got into cars and had like a 45 min drive to the zip line place. Right as we got there it started sprinkling rain. We were worried that if it started raining any harder we wouldn’t be able to go anymore. But thankfully it stopped raining and was just pretty cold the rest of the time. It took us so long to get through everyone on the zip line. I was like the 4th person to go and it was so sick. There was two 500m long ones and they were sooo high up. The view while you were on it was breath taking to say the least. You could see the whole valley it was in with the river going through and the snowy mountains in the back ground. 

After we all finally went on the zip line we walked back to the cars. My cars driver was no where to be found for ages. We thought he might have fell down the mountain. Eventually he showed up running up the road. We then drove like 10 mins down the mountain to our dinner place. It was an Italian restaurant I got some spicy pasta that was absolute money and a banana milk shake that was big taste. Noah got some flower juice that was actually delectable and I want more. It was called Rotodendrine.

Next we drove back to the hotel. I think we are going to practice our dance and song. We are going to suck at it. Our cultural exchange is tomorrow with all the schools and I’m not excited. It is also going to be really sad to say goodbye to all the kids at our school. This kid named Sameer is going to be the hardest to say bye to. He has a nasty burn on his hand from a firecracker he held too long. He was always so happy and absolutely loved me. He would run out of his room and find me wherever I was just to show me his craft he made. And he would always want me to put him on my shoulders and run around. He’s basically the best kid to ever exist. 


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