Top 5 Most “Interesting” Experiences So Far – Ben Lewis

November 18, 2019 - 2019 Operation Alo

Hello people reading the blog

The trip thus far has been amazing. There have been lots hours spent traveling. Here are my top 5 most “interesting” experiences so far

1. I spent the whole flight to Kolkata sitting next to a woman who would grip my arm whenever turbulence occurred. Even though she spoke no English, we shared a real bond.

2. We visited a flea market in Singapore that had everything a tourist would ever want

3. Also while In Singapore, we watched a light show on the water. It was the most extravagant light display I’ve ever experienced. They had fountains spraying so when the lights were shined through, a magnificent floating display would appear above the water.

4. While on the flight to Singapore, we watched a movie called “The art of racing in the rain”. Let me tell you, this was a tear jerker, a true work of cinematic art. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a life changing lesson

5. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the 8 pound jar of Nutella did not remain intact. The time of rupture is unknown. The worst part is I was deemed carrier of the Nutella. I feel as though I have jeopardized the moral of this trip.

Thank you for reading,

Benjamin Lewis

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