The last hoorah/By Tatum Harrison

November 29, 2023 - 2023 Operation Moksha

The last hoorah

There has been a lot of goodbyes that have happened today. Each village group got to meet each schools kids and preform our dance and song. The goodbyes were sad and hard to watch. We got to go to our school last and it felt like a happy goodbye. It is hard to know that we will never see them again. We had a gratitude circle the other night and someone in our group had said something that really stuck… its hard know that these kids will probably never have the opportunity to break free from this cycle that they live in. After thinking about these things, it was hard because most of these kids are so intelligent. I was teaching a lesson about occupations and there was really only three or four jobs options that they knew but also that it seem like they could really be, if that. When leaving these kids and writing this its hard to know that life for these kids will never be as easy as it is for us. They will never have the opportunity’s that will have or be pushed like we are. But the positive out of these hard things are the happiness that they are full of. No matter what we are teaching or playing all these kids have the biggest smile and are constantly loving on us. I think that’s what been and going to be hardest about leaving these kids. The constant love and joy they have for the things around them, and how happy they make us feel.

We have had the opportunity to have translators come with us to the schools each day. They have been the biggest blessing and help. We would not be able to probably do as much or even teach as much if we didn’t have them. They left today after our culture exchanges. They have come with us each day to do thing and be with us. They were so appreciative of the little gifts that we gave them and they all were so kind.

We are moving to a new hotel tomorrow that is 20 to 30 minutes away. We will shop around and hang out for two days, and then we start our travel home!!

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