That’s India!

March 24, 2015 - All Posts, 2015 Op: SunderAntar

Just to let everyone know, the wifi is super tempermental here in Sunder Nagar. Four teens are blogging every night, but when the internet is working, it is extremely slow, and so far I’m sure you’ve noticed we haven’t been able to make it upload any photos, even at the smallest resolution. We’ll continue posting whenever we can, but know that your teens are all healthy and happy! I’m sitting here in the breakfast room listening to their cheery good mornings and songs and laughter. They are truly incredible!
🙂 Lisa Palmer

4 Responses to “That’s India!”

  1. Thanks, Lisa! Pictures will be great, but these kids are such great writers, they are painting vivid pictures for us! Love it!

  2. Love reading their posts!!

  3. Agree with Linda….. thank you all for raising such great kids !
    And thanks so much to the incredible leaders for all your efforts and the attempt to keep the information coming.

    We are feeling your heartstrings pulled from half way around the globe and it in turn pulls ours. So grateful you are all having such a blessed opportunity and sharing it with us.

    appreciatively –

  4. Love all these posts and pictures. I have to agree with all the comments that have been made!! Thank you for sharing.

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