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Keepin Up With Taylor……

April 1, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Zinda

Today was the last day at our schools, and for the past week I thought there was no way that I was going to change the life of any kids. But seeing the kids cry as we left the schools for the last time, I felt like I maybe did change the lives of the kids. But the thing that made me know for sure that I changed the lives of the children at my school was the hike down. I was walking down this mountain with the kid named Duejal. After about 10 minutes of hiking down this mountain from my school he pulled me aside and told me to wait for a minute. After everyone passed, he took my hands and told me “his parents, brother, and I, were the people he loved the most in the world”. I am not going to lie I did cry a little. I love these kids so much; they have made me such a better person. I cannot believe how much I care about these kids. I am so excited to tell everyone I know about this trip. Well see all y’all in a week.
Taylor Brand

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  1. Keeping up with taylor! best title ever and so original! I love this tay! Those kids love you and you are sooo good to them. They are lucky to have been with you for these two weeks. (well one so far) I am so happy that you get this experience! I can NOT wait to hear all about it. It looks and sounds like something you will never forget. You are amazing and surely missed. Love you and hope you are having an amazing time!! see you in less than one weeks time!Kar

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