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April 5, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Zinda

Dear YMAD Parents,

We are sorry about the website being down. Because the teens have been traveling they have not had access to the internet. They have been to the school for the blind. Dr. Porter did a presentation to a group of Obstetricians at the hospital in Manali. He took Isabel with him, because they thought she had a sprained ankle. Dr. Porter had it x-rayed, only to find out she had fractured her leg. She broke it playing Duck, Duck, Goose. (Last expedition we had a girl cut her knee open playing Duck, Duck, Goose and she had stitches. On another expedition we had an adult leader break his arm playing Duck, Duck, Goose. The only stitches or broken bones on our expeditions have been from Duck, Duck Goose. I am sure there is some sort of life lesson in this, but I am not sure what it is.) Back to Isabel, they put her leg in a soft cast until she gets home and the swelling goes down and the Dr.’s in the US will put her in a hard cast of some sort.  Apparently the boys have been carrying her all over India. The team rode Yaks in the Himalayas and had a blast.  They had a tour of the Buddhist facility, which they really enjoyed. They stayed in a very nice hotel in Dharmsala and were very excited to have hot showers and soft, clean beds.   They rode the night train to Delhi and got there at 6:30am., showered at the hotel, cleaned up and went touring. They saw the Gandhi Memorial, the Indian Gate, and shopped in Delhi. They are all well and happy. 

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