Bieber in India By: Lulu Sackville

November 29, 2023 - 2023 Operation Moksha

Bieber in India

Today was our last day seeing the kids at our schools. We started our day at our schools gifting them things. We gave our kids matching tracksuits, hygiene kits, blankets, and school supplies. To improve the school, we gave them new flooring, paint for inside and outside of the school, and a ladder so they can get to the roof. When we arrived at the school, they had chairs set up and all the moms came dressed in traditional Indian outfits. A few of the teachers and moms wanted to dress me, Hannah, Marney, Eleanor, and Taylor in their traditional outfits. They were so sweet and wanted to take pictures with us. After playing with the kids for a while, everyone met at our school to start the cultural exchange. After we performed our song and dance for the kids and their moms, the moms danced for us. They did an Indian dance and we all joined in. It was super fun, and all the moms really enjoyed it. Sadly, we had to leave our school in a hurry to go to the next.

We danced and sang for the next school which was Madi’s groups school. We performed our song and dance then moved to the final school. This school was super fun because they had more kids and it’s connected to a high school   , so more people watched. Our song was kind of a mess at our last school, so Kira played Baby by Justin Bieber instead of Ain’t no Mountain High Enough. Everyone knew the words and we had way more fun with that song. The little kids joined in, and it turned into a dance party. It was super fun to see every else’s school and their kids. Each school is so different, and you can tell how attached everyone got.

Today was also our last day at our hotel. We spent a lot of time packing today so we can move hotels tomorrow. Leaving the kids today was extremely sad but leaving them with so many things made it easier. The kids we taught have memorized games like head, shoulders, knees, and toes and the Macarena, along with picking up lots of English. This trip has been so fun and an amazing experience. I feel like I connected with the kids and had an effect on them too.

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