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I am still alive kind of By Joseph Nielson

June 21, 2019 - 2019: Asha Ki Chamak

Hey family and friends, I am doing good, I am very sad but I am happy too, because of all of the love I had felt. I am feeling very sad because of all the people I have grown to love here; I have to leave. I am have grown so close to the kids and I feel like I have a personal connection to each of these kids. I have also have grown so close to the translators, they have all become my best friends. The translator in my village has become my older sister, her name Is Ayna. Ayna Is funny and all ways yell at me for teasing her so much. These friends I have made will last a life time and I wish to never forget my time here.


            Just for another update, I ate some walnuts and I ended up in the hospital. It was rad and interesting, but also it was scary. We were invited to go to a high school here on Monday to do our cultural exchange program. After we performed, we were asked to go for refreshments. I didn’t know that there were walnuts in the dang thing. So, I ate it and then was taken to the hospital. This teacher at the school showed up and gave me a rub……. That sounds weird but she was psycho, but I won’t say no to a pretty girl who wants to rub my calves;) I have now claimed the prize of being the first person from YMAD to go to the hospital. I am now all good and ready to keep partying it up here in India.


            Words that describe me:

·      Excellent

·      Bodacious

·      Scary

·      Funny

·      Loving

·      Sad

·      Happy

·      Awaking

·      Delirious

·      Thankful

·      Pranking

·      Tiring

·      drugged

·      exquisite

3 Responses to “I am still alive kind of By Joseph Nielson”

  1. This made me laugh out loud!! Delirious, definitely! Exquisite-always. Safe travels!

  2. Love you son! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures!

  3. Such an exciting and awe inspiring trip. (Glad the walnuts weren’t too serious!)

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