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April 8, 2019 - 2019 Operation: Sapna

Max Express Tour of Rome tonight!  Hopefully a little pizza and gelato in Italy made up for some pretty crazy times in the Delhi and Rome Airports. Wow these kids are amazing!  They have been remarkably patient under leas than ideal circumstances!!  We love them and will get them home as soon as we can!  We plan to visit the Vatican City in the morning then its back to the airport!  See you in Salt Lake at 11:51 pm!

9 Responses to “Roaming”

  1. Thank you for taking care of them! How lucky! Looks amazing!

  2. Thankyou for everything you are doing! This cant be an easy task getting flights organized. What a fun ending to a frustrating quest home. Rome! What a great bonus stop.

  3. That is so awesome you could spend some time in Rome! Wow! What an unexpected blessing! Happy attitudes and happy hearts make for happy times! You all are awesome! Love you all!

  4. We love our kids, but you leaders are amazing! I am sure this has been a headache. But on the flip side, we absolutely love Rome. Looks like you hit all the best spots. Thank you for taking such good care of them!

  5. I’m sorry about the flights but what’s wonderful opportunity to see Rome. Thank you leaders for making the best of the situation you are amazing. See you soon Katelyn. Lucky has been keeping your bed warm.

  6. Thank you for all of your hard work to get these kids home. So glad you got to spend more time in Rome than anticipated. The pictures are amazing! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  7. Excellent! Not hard to be patient when in Rome!

  8. What a great place to get "delayed." Love you guys, hurry home!

  9. Wow, dance performance in Rome!?! Can’t wait to hear all about it. So glad that in spite of all the delay and hassle in India, you all got this great little trip in Rome! See you tonight…

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