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Simply Brooke: By Allison Ford

November 27, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Azadi

This is my 7th time in India and it never disappoints.  I get a lot of credit for these expeditions, mostly because I tend to be bossy and loud, but what most people don’t realize is that I have a PIC (partner in crime), Brooke.  Brooke is kind, thoughtful and easy going, she is a good listener and is known for giving the best hugs.  She does so much for every expedition and never gets credit, she is the compassion behind everything, the love that brings the group together and the hope of what the India experience brings to your children.   We are all better for knowing Brooke, we count ourselves lucky to have her I our lives, she is a constant source of loyalty and friendship.


Brooke has a special bond with the YMAD girls and Sangita (the woman who takes care of the girls) They all look forward to her visit.  Watching the reunion every year has been a highlight, they joy and happiness exudes from everyone and it is a sight to behold.


Brooke deserves every bit of credit (if not more) for the success of these expeditions.  She is my friend, my confidant and my PIC.  Thank you, my dear friend, for all you do, all you have done and everything that is to come.


5 Responses to “Simply Brooke: By Allison Ford”

  1. Brooke must be awfully special. You two make a good team it seems and so thank you for your hard work, dedication and love. YMAD is very lucky to have you both. ❤️

  2. Cheers to Brooke. You guys are a kick ass team! ♥️

  3. Go team! Such an amazing experience!

  4. Three cheers for Brooke!!

  5. Allison and Brooke, what a lovely and well deserved tribute. Special thanks to both of you. I have followed and read posts from the girls I love and claim. This is without question what I love most about Thanksgiving!! I am a YMAD junkie and love to read about the lessons our kids learn from the beautiful, gracious people of India.

    Many thanks to both of you for the countless hours and sacrifices made to help polish our children, as well as all of us. Reading the blog is infectious and inspires us all to be better human beings. Here’s to making a real difference in all of us and hopefully in the world!!

    Love you both and safe travels!

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