Yogi the bear By: Tucker Hale

November 28, 2023 - 2023 Operation Moksha


Last blog in India! The past few days have been fun. Yesterday we got to go do yoga! For the yoga we went to a temple that was way high up on the mountain. The view was amazing. We had a hipster yoga instructor that taught us all. After the yoga we went into the temple and got a blessing from the priest. He also gave us some good luck string bralettes.

We also got to go ziplining. The ziplining place we went to was awesome. The line went across a really cool canyon with a river under us. It was way higher than I expected it to be which made it even better. They had 2 lines, one across and one back. After ziplining we went to nice Italian restaurant which was nice to eat something other than rice and curry. Noah got this surprisingly good flower juice that some of us got to try. Also turns out milkshakes here are just flavored milk which is still delicious.

Today was our last time we got to see the kids. The kids were all a mess this morning. They were all crying and wouldn’t let go of us. They were all so sad we are leaving. This morning we also got to hand out all our goodies. We handed out school kits, blankets, hygiene kits, candy, and so many toys from our lessons. They loved it so much. Right before we left furniture and a new swing set got delivered to the school. They will be so happy when they put up the new swing set since they are constantly on the broken one. After lunch we went to the 2 different schools. It was so interesting to see how different the other schools are from ours. The last few days have been packed full but so fun!

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