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Understanding…”You just don’t get it”

December 2, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Shakti

I heard it last year from my daughter Holly and once again I have heard it and read it in several blogs.  “you just don’t understand” or “you just don’t get it”.
To UNDERSTAND is “to comprehend the significance of”; like understanding the meaning of an English word.  You have spent many hours teaching the children of India to understand a word.

As we have read your blogs and looked at pictures, we have gained an incredible understanding of the task you journeyed to undertake.

As parents, families, and friends of under aged individuals, we are so grateful to the understudies (YMAD leaders).  You have replaced our regular performance of teaching lessons of life, and have done a BEAUTIFUL job!  How can we ever show how much we appreciate everything you have done?  There is no way you could possibly “get it”.

We understand that there will be days that you feel like you are underwater and we promise to not underplay the experiences you have gained.  You have provided an unexplainable light to the underprivileged children that live in an underdeveloped area of India.  No one should underrate the difference you can make in any walk of life.

How do YOU explain things so “we get it”? How do WE explain things so “you get it”. The unconditional love that you have experienced in India is a recognizable love.  We know where you have experience it.  How do we explain how much we love you? How do we explain how proud we are of you?  “You just don’t get it”!

The word UNDER has been used many times.  Being underneath or below may seem to be inferior.  However; your parents, families, and friends are your underlying support.  We are your foundation!  Many of us have been with you before you wore underwear or at least have washed it.  (okay, so I had to be a little funny)

WE CAN’T wait to say:

“Welcome home Operation Shakti!!!!”

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  1. Miss Lynda,I just love you and your words. Can’t wait to see everyone at the airport tonight! Thanks for all you have done for my Sarah and all the other ymad youth. You are a shinning example of unconditional love and service and I hardly know you but I can tell from our small interactions!

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