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Umm… Well…It’s Awesome Victoria Brown

November 26, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Akata

No worries I am still alive! I have not been eaten by tigers, and I am as happy as I could be. India is such a crazy place. The views, the people, and the experience can only be explained as surreal.  Although, many buildings, if not all, appear to be crumbling, the streets and everywhere I look is beautiful. The sun rising in the morning and the stars at night could not be anymore flawless; with the silhouettes of palm trees in the background. Something that I have noticed about India, is nothing is as it appears to be. What looks like grass is actually a pond and what looks like inedible thorns are actually fruit and you never know what seems like the dirtiest place you have ever seen can be the most amazing. You just have to learn to go with it. From being covered in dirt and dust to seeing a spider the size of a baseball in the place you are supposed to call a bathroom. It is all apart of the adventure.

            Where I have found some of the most fun is in our village Bamangachi. We go there teach the village children and afterwards we go on a tour of the village. These tours are really just the hospitality of the people that live there. Our team (green team) has probably been to 20 different houses and at each house the people of the village treat you like family. They are so happy to see you and they literally give you everything they have. I have tried so many new foods it freaks me out! I just can’t think about what I am eating and then I am fine. I have found some things I like and some things I never want to see everrrr again. It is such a cool experience to see where these people live and what is completely normal to them. It is so different from how we live. Where there would be roads in our neighborhoods there are dirt roads and a few bricks if you are lucky. These people literally give you everything they have in order to make you feel welcome and I just want to say, “You are the people that need the food, not me. Please take this for yourselves”, but they would not understand me even if I did. They are honoring each and every one of us and least we can do is express our gratitude and respect their traditions. One thing that I have especially enjoyed is seeing all the people. I have seen babies (the most beautiful babies you will ever see), children, teens, adults, and even elderly people. In fact, today I saw and older woman and I went over to talk to her, despite the fact that she could not speak any English, and before I even said a word she kissed me on the cheek and smiled as if she were saying “thank you”. It has been so crazy to see people understand you even though you have absolutely no idea what the other person is saying. Body language has been greater than any spoken word.

To say the least I am loving India. Everyday gets better and better and I must say our car ride today was some of the most fun I have had.  I can’t wait for tomorrow and I hope everyone at home is doing well! Love you Mom! Love you Dad! Love you Mitchell! Talk to y’all soon!

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  1. Thanks for sharing…Keep enjoying the adventure!

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