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Today Was Amazing! – Joe

November 18, 2019 - 2019 Operation Alo

Today was amazing! We were able to experience sharing light ceremony. We were in a large room with the women of Nishtha and they wanted to thank us for being here and wanted to share their “light” with us and it was quite an experience. They had us light candles while they threw flower pedals on us. They were singing with a trumpet that would blow here and there. It was quite humbling because it made us feel like one of them like we were accepted into their country. It was a very warm welcoming. Honestly I felt like I was friends with them already! 
It was kinda hard not to stop smiling at each other. You could feel the love from the older women to the leaders and for what we do. These women have gone through some very tough situations and domestic abuse. For them to show love to us and to show their dances was heartwarming. In a couple of their dances they had some of us come up and dance with them. Honestly it was a time of a lot of love and laughter.
By the end I was hugging them and telling them I loved them! They are all amazing women! Even through all of the struggles and hardships that they go through, they have so much hope and love for life. The most fun with them was the last dance we had with them. It felt like the moment lasted forever because we couldn’t stop dancing.
Everyone was laughing and breaking out of their shells. It became an experience I will always remember. It makes me want to make more connections and impacts on others because of the impacts they left on me. All my doubts and fears about my life at home disappeared. Bret described it perfectly when he said that we came here to show light but instead received so much more light than we can ever give!
I am Very grateful for the experience. Honestly, it kinda confirmed a couple things for me: my love for children, and wanting to have a family in the future. Wanting to be there for my own kids.
Lastly, thank you annie for making me dance in front of everyone. I have a fear of dancing in front of others even thought I love it. Dancing is something I should share with others more. I think that we always are scared of failure and trying to live perfect lives but it’s impossible because we live in an imperfect world. It’s a feeling of letting go and just living. Living not for what has happened, not for the future, but the present. That’s a principle that Jane has been talking to us about a lot. She says that if we are always asking what’s next, we are not enjoying the present. We’re not enjoying the trip because were not living it. It’s hard to do, but those moments of the present feel amazing and those are the moments I never wanna let go of. The kids need nurturing and love but they don’t get it. Life is about the connection with other people and enjoying this earth that we were given but so many things get in the way of us given this love that so many need. Its only been the first day of India and I’ve learned so much!! I can’t wait for the rest!!


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