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This is more than I could’ve asked for – Morgan Bybee

November 29, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Akata

_JKC3013Its amazing how well you can bond and love so many people after such a short time. Leaving the girls was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Jeff and Jane always told us it is a bitter sweet day, but You never fully understand anything they say until you experience it. Saying goodbye brought tears not knowing what was going to happen to these girls in the future or what was going on behind the scene’s we don’t see. All I wanted to do is bring them home with me and help them have a better future. They just kept saying “no America, no America,” and then when the tears started to come they would wipe them away and say “no sad, happy!” I can honestly say I have never loved so much. These girls will always be in my heart and have apart of me. I know it’s unrealistic to want them to come home with me, so I am just going to come back. When we were there we were apart of them and they brought us in as their families, they loved us just the same.
A big shout out to the parents of the boys in our group, you have raised them well. As we were in the train station, it was a little bit sketchy, we sat in a circle with all of our stuff and the boys stood around us, facing out, watching every person that passed to protect us. There was not a moment they missed watching out for us and making us feel safe. I was not worried for a second because those boys were so caring for us. As us girls left them to get on the train in a separate area they all gave us hugs and told us to be safe. There is not a moment a girl is carrying her own back pack because our boys will instantly take it from us to carry it, even if they have a bag already. I could not express enough appreciation to these boys. They treat us like princess’s and  I couldn’t be happier.
I love you all and am excited to see you Monday night! Be ready for this girl to come home.

2 Responses to “This is more than I could’ve asked for – Morgan Bybee”

  1. Morgan, you are a princess and deserve the best in life. I am so glad your experience has been great.

  2. Morgan- I love your photos. Your eyes always sparkle. Those children are so fortunate to have you in their lives. That’s the perfect job for you. I was talking to some of your friends in the cafeteria on Wednesday. I showed them the photos of you doing some gardening. They loved your pictures.

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