The Hardest Day – Melissa Thatcher

November 23, 2015 - All Posts, 2015 Opeation: Sahasa

Today was the day I knew would be the hardest, saying good bye. I really did not think our kids had any idea how much their hearts had become attached, not only to the children they have come to love but to the customs and the cultures here in India. I my self was not ready for the many tears that would follow the words good bye. In our village we had so many kids that wanted to come and see us off. We were promised if we came again that the purple team would win our football game. I have never seen so  many teens already eagerly awaiting the reunion that will take place either here in this life or the next. I feel so blessed to live in the USA and it has made me truly think about so many of the little things we take for granted on a daily basis. never have I seen kids so excited and eager to receive a drawstring bag, or school supplies. I am forever thankful for all of you amazing parents,friends and family that have donated so generously goods to be delivered to the sweetest,most humble, caring and kind people I know. I have so much Love for your teens and I am so proud of how they stepped up to show love and affection to the people of India. I can say with out a second thought that I have left a big chunk of my heart here. I hope to come back very soon to see those who have changed my life for ever, my new family and this beautiful place I now will call my home away from home.

Shout out to my family that I am missing like crazy. Thank you to my dear Husband for all the sacrifices you have made for me to be here. I can not wait to see you and tell you all about it. Someday I would love for you to come and experience this with me for your self. To my Brenna Lou, I am DYING to talk to you and can  not wait to say that I get it now. I can not wait to talk to you and laugh about all the crazy adventures. You wIll be surprised to know that I owe very little money to anyone due to the crazy tata rides. I do however have white knuckles from holding on for dear life. To my darling Sky, I miss you so much. I wish you could have been with me to meet so many of the kids your age. Every child your age made me instantly want to hold them and hug them tighter because I am missing my bird so much.

The best lesson I have learned from all of this is goodbyes are not  forever.

Xoxo Melissa

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  1. Way ya go Missy! You’re amazing!

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