The bite of ‘23/By Luke Williams

November 28, 2023 - 2023 Operation Moksha

Luke Williams

The bite of ‘23

It was November 28, 2023, a day like any other. Or at least, that’s how it started. We came to the school at the usual 10am arrival time and began to set up for the cultural exchange. There were gifts for each kid and some for the teachers, to thank them for letting us teach those wonderful kids. The gift giving lasted about 1 hour and then we had to lock in for our big performance. As we were sending the kids back into the school to wait for the festivities to begin, I was approached by a lively young girl named Divyana. Running at me at mach-5 speed, I had to brace myself for impact. She leapt into my arms and we both went falling into the seat behind me. I quickly tried to explain to her that she needed to go inside with the rest of the kids, but she promptly pointed to Taylor, who was on standby with her camera ready to snap a photo of us. Once I realized, I turned to the camera and smiled. Assuming Divyana was smiling as well, I waited for Taylor to take the photo. I felt Divyana turn her head and the suddenly, a sharp pain manifested on my neck. I was stunned; she had fully clamped her teeth onto my neck and was not planning on letting go. I immediately try to pull her off my lap, but she is firmly latched onto me. Taylor, not realizing what was happening, was still taking photos. I let out a loud “Ouch!”, which alerted Taylor that something was wrong. She ran over to me and pried Divyana’s chompers open, freeing me from her capture. The bite was very prevalent, and a mark still lingers on my neck, reminding me that she’s still out there. Who knows who she will attack next.

On a real note, the trip has been amazing. We had an amazing Italian Thanksgiving dinner, went on India’s highest zipline, and hiked up a mountain to get blessed by a priest in a beautiful temple. We also did yoga at a different temple and received a blessing from that priest as well. Today we said goodbye to all the school kids. It was very emotional for some of us, but very heartwarming because I know all the kids are extremely bright and will do great things. I am so grateful for all the experiences I have gained on this trip, and I am looking forward to the days ahead of me. (P.S. Dad, I’m up to date on my shots, so Divyana got nothing on me)

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