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Suzanna Lewis- Grateful for this amazing opportunity!

November 30, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

November 30, 2012
I can’t believe our trip is almost over! But, I will say that I have never wanted to see my family, whole milk, and a 5 Guys bacon burger more in my life. Besides that, I would be perfectly content to stay here forever with my kids!  We had to say goodbye to them a few days ago and that was an extremely emotional experience for all of us. Even our tough ashram boys began to cry as we said our goodbyes. I can honestly say that through this experience, I learned more from these kids at both the school and the ashram than I could ever have taught them. They were all such good examples to me because they are grateful for everything and they give you everything they have, even if it’s practically nothing. Their examples made a huge impact on me and I hope that our team did the same for them. I am so grateful I was given this amazing opportunity and completely exceeded my highest expectations. I wish I could stay with my kids longer, but I’m looking forward to seeing the Taj Mahal and riding an elephant! Lastly, I want to wish my amazing sister a happy 13th birthday!!! I love you all at home and I’ll see you on Monday!

-Suzanna Lewis 

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful blog today. You made Emily’s birthday! I have so many thoughts and comments when I read these blogs, more than I can express. Mostly I cry, smile, laugh and I am so grateful for the experiences you and all your YMAD team are having. You are amazing! Thanks for making a difference in the world and in our home. – MomThanks for the birthday wish and I hope you are having the best time ever! – Emily

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