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Oh what a week this has been!

November 27, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta


Oh what a week this has been. We have been in four different countries, climbed up the himalayas, almost died several times while driving, and spat upon by a drunk bum. And spending the whole time with the most amazing people. My whole life has changed this past week. I have fallen in love with this orphans in the village of Kalsuin. They are the happiest, smartest kids you will ever meet. One boy in particular, Praveen, is literally the smartest kid I know. He knows so much English that he helps us teach our lessons! I have grown a particular liking towards him, especially when on the first day in the school he came up to me and said, “Josh, you’re my best friend.” That basically melted my heart. I also have a very soft spot for the group that we dubbed “The Babies.” They are the youngest kids who were extremely shy the first day, but now they are the cutest things ever. I have learned so much from these kids even in this short amount of time. This time in India also has made me realize how much stuff that I truly have. Today we had a little meeting on being grateful and it really put things in perspective to me. I came to the realization of how much love I truly have for my family and my friends and how much I miss them. I know that when I get back home that I will see things in a new light. I am so excited to spend some more time with these kids, but I am dreading having to say goodbye. I know that I will think of these kids and the pure love they possess every single day. I’m so excited that I have this opportunity to be in India and I am so grateful for YMAD and all of the support I have received. I have made lifelong friendships on this expedition and lessons that I will remember for my whole life.


Josh Christensen

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  1. Glad to hear you are having a great time Josh!

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