Nuff wasn’t nuff…. Jenny Adamson

November 29, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Akata

This has truly been an amazing experience. The people, the food, and even the interesting smells. Over the past week and a half while we have been working with the girls in the day boarding school and the kids in Koach Pikur I have grown a greater appreciation for what I have and everything I have been blessed with. These kids have next to nothing and yet their families let us into their homes, feed us and are so grateful that we stay in their homes. They are amazing, humble people. I have grown to love them so much and it was so hard to say goodbye. Jane and Jeff have been telling us for the past nine months how bitter sweet goodbye day would be but I never could comprehend what they were telling us until the day came. I have grown to love these little girls and village kids in a way I have never loved before.  As we taught at the schools each day I gained more and more of an assurance that all the hard work and energy put forth into this program has been more than worth it and I wish I could have done more fundraising and prepared myself more because these kids and families truly deserve it.

While at Nishtha I saw the women of Nishtha work with the kids and also heard stories of the amazing things they do and realized how great of an example all of them are to me and to their community. They work so hard to keep the kids safe and empower women. They are bold in their actions and work hard to achieve their goals. They have all the attributes and leadership skills that YMAD has been teaching us teens for the past nine months and now those values have gained a whole now meaning.

I want to stay and be with these people for so much longer. It has gone by way too fast. We have been away from the girls and our villages for two days and I am already missing them so much. They have changed my life and my attitude and I cannot be more grateful for this experience I have had to travel half way around the world, to be here in India and to make a difference in the lives of the people here.  It truly has been life changing. I love everything about India. I could not have asked for anything better.

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  1. What a beautiful blog. Very well said, especially for this time of the year. Thanks!

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