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November 26, 2011 - All Posts, 2011 Operation Prakash

India is amazing! I don’t think I have met people as grateful as the ones here. I’ve also been amazed by everyone who stares at my blonde hair… I think they all go into shock. It cracks me up everytime. It’s a whole different world here. The first day we went to the schools was on Monday, it was the best. These little kids are so precious. They cling to me and won’t let me go. You do the simplest things and they say thank you… about a hundred times. They smile all day. I love them. Walking into the school for the first day was so overwhelming with joy… I had the chills and nearly cried. They were so polite and grateful for everything. All you have to do is smile at them and they light up. I love when I am teaching the children and the understand what I am teaching them because I know this is going to make a big impact on their lives. I have two girls that are always holding my hand… Puja and Akashi. They love taking pictures with my camera. I taught them how to smile showing their teeth today 🙂 It was a big step! They like to braid my hair and cover it in flowers. Today when I was walking Puja out to the bus, she told me how much she is going to miss me. This is such an amazing experience. Sometimes I wake up and I can’t believe i’m here right now having the opportunity to help these children out. It is amazing. We were able to go and see some of the people houses. We walked down a brick pathway.. swamps.. cows wandering everywhere.. and we went into their huts. It was amazing to see how grateful they are for us to come see their home. They put out their nicest sheets so we can sit on them and give us everything they have. It’s special to see how much one can give when they have nearly nothing. Also, the driving here is nuts… a definite highlight of each day! But don’t worry, we’re all still alive 🙂 I would like to say hey to my family and friends! I love you and miss you. I hope everyone is doing well! I’m excited to tell you everything when I get back. Eat lots of turkey for me 🙂 Love you!!

Marti Gillette

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