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Maddie Whitney- THE TAJ TODAY!

December 1, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

WE WENT TO THE TAJ TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today events in a nutshell: kiss-fest at the Taj, bombarded by salespeople, shopping, Spiderman, and febreeze. Yes I did buy a lot today (sorry mom) but in my defense I needed the two knives, scarves, and bags I ended up getting, unlike Hannah who purchased a wooden box with a marjiana leaf carved on top.

I am sad that our trip is coming to an end so fast, but at the same time I miss clean streets, my bed and fresh fruit. The streets here are full of garbage I can’t remember seeing a clean street. I have this image of a field of trash some of it burning while cows roam the other sections nosing around for food stuck in my head. The worst thing is that we see this same thing on the side of the streets everyday and it has become “normal.” Everything that is out of the ordinary at home, is “normal” here. Kids on the street searching through trash, littering, people peeing on the road, zero traffic rules, and endless poverty. I won’t miss being around these things, but the feeling of being a proactive part of trying to change this reality will never leave, and I will constantly yearn to have this feeling everyday once I reach the U.S.

So yes excited to go home!!!!! I will miss my Isha and Dimple, and I will miss the loving faces I see. (Mom can we go to Zupas on the way home from the airport??? Please and thank you, I am craving a salad!!!)

 -Maddie Whitney

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  1. I bet Michael would love to join you at Zupas on the way home from the airport….I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing experience in India….See you Monday night!!

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