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Love India!

December 30, 2019 - All Posts

Love India…– Jamie Neff


The sounds, the smells, the tastes of India are everything and nothing that I expected. While it is easy to see the differences between us, a few moments into conversation we find so many things that are the same. It is easy to love the people as they seem to so easily love us. The teachers and students are intelligent, capable and eager to learn from us. They want to know everything about America and are proud to share all that they have. A simple warning though, what the Indian people claim is not spicy, may very well make you cry.


I love getting to know the people of India… – Dave Neff

India is a very interesting experience. Food is good but the spice level here and in the U.S. understood very different. The people of India are very loving caring people. Being here with YMAD helping in the schools makes me feel a little like a celebrity. It is easy to get an overinflated ego when kids are asking you to sign their hands, but it is the little things, a smile, a wave, a helping hand that really touch my heart and provide a connection that is hard to forget.

So full of Joy…- Peggy Eaby

The children (and adults!) of India are so full of joy! It radiates from their smiles, their eyes, and their energetic personalities. They are so polite and eager to please. My heart is bursting with so much love just from spending a few hours a day with them.

Time well spent– Sandy Pick

The people are so welcoming! Even the people in the streets want to welcome us. I really have enjoyed getting to know them. The culture is so different and diverse. I don’t know that even if I spent years studying it would be able to completely understand everything. While I don’t understand it, the culture fascinates me! I am grateful that I have been able to spend a couple of weeks here.

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