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Liz Bond

August 6, 2014 - All Posts, 2014 Operation: Junglee

After two days of being sick, i’m so glad that I can finally blog! Today we arrived in Nepal, after a 15 hr bus ride back to the Delhi airport, and then around a 1 hr flight to Kathmandu. The bus ride was really rough for everybody, but luckily I slept through the whole thing. I had that great thing where I wake up and we are 15 minutes away, and I realized I had slept for about ten hours. The hardest part of traveling is over! Now that we are in Nepal we are “tourists” and are being treated like kings and queens. We arrived at a real hotel with beds that we can actually sleep in, with sheets and pillows! We have real showers, toilets, not to mention toilet paper, and towels. We are getting way too excited about things we usually take for granted. We then went to eat food at a restaurant called little italy, and we ate the most we have eaten this whole trip. The food was soo good!! we had pizza, garlic bread, pasta, dessert, and it just kept coming and coming. I was so grateful for this food because at this point in the trip i get sick at the sight of indian food. After this meal I think I can tough it out for a few more days. We then went and did some sight seeing of this really cool city. We saw old chinese style buildings, took a lot of pics, and then did some shopping! We are happy kids. Hope all is well at home! Love and miss you!!DSC_3756





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