Leadership Training

The mission of Youth Making a Difference is to provide leadership training and practical experiences that make a difference in the world, transforming the lives of the participants and those they serve.

The YMAD Values


You will be trained in a new level of integrity. You will have the ability to bring honor to your word. Your productivity, your relationships and confidence will dramatically increase as you develop mastery in living a life of integrity.


You will be trained in creating vision. You will have the ability to create a vision for yourself and others that goes beyond what is predictably going to happen, and may go beyond what anyone knows how to achieve.


You will be trained to be an inspiration to others. You will inspire others to act when they would hesitate, to dream when others would dread. You will call others out of their “comfort zones” and empower them to choose to commit.


You will be trained to develop courage. You will welcome challenges that push you beyond your self-perceived limitations. You will display confidence and peace under stress.


You will be trained in compassion. You will develop compassion in a way that allows you to feel another’s suffering without fear; to act strongly in the face of others’ pain. You will learn that compassion does not weaken; it strengthens.


You will be trained in forgiveness. You will learn the importance of choosing forgiveness at any given moment in any situation—giving you freedom, joy, peace and satisfaction in your life. You will have the tools to teach others to forgive.


You will be trained in expressing gratitude. You will have the tools to express gratitude by word and deed, in a way that positively affects those around you.


See what past participants say about our program.

“ Going to India, and even attending all the meetings, filled me with so much joy and I felt so much love, from my team, but especially from those kids... I am incredibly grateful to all those who made this experience possible!”

“Youth Making a Difference is an organization that I really admire. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Fall 2012 expedition to Chamba. I always account that expedition as one of the, if not the most important turning points in my life. I will always be grateful to YMAD for giving me that opportunity.”

- Joshua Christensen, Fall 2012

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