Laughed and played, twirled and danced

December 4, 2011 - All Posts, 2011 Operation Jyoti, 2007-2010 Older Operation

I knew it would be so hard to say goodbye. Even though we had only spent five days with the kids at Sahoo I had built such strong relationships with many of the kids. I started to cry Monday morning as I knew it would be my last time with the kids. We were told that we should try not to cry as to not confuse the kids. The day was just as amazing as all the others. We laughed and played, twirled and danced as to keep the smiles alive. My best friend and didi (sister) Riya twirled around my finger for the last time. Unlike all the other schools our translator did not explain to the kids that not only would we not be returning tomorrow but we probably would never see each other again. That was really hard for me. When I said goodbye the kids in Hindi would say “see you tomorrow” and in my mind Im thinking no, no you won’t. So many of the kids have such great potential and are smarter than I ever was at their age. In one of our workshops the kids wrote what they wanted to be when they grow up; it amazed me that so many want to become teachers because they value what they learn so much. I would do anything for them. They have been such an inspiration to me in my life. I think of what little they have yet they are happier than I have ever been. I hope that I have impacted their lives as much as they have mine. I am so lucky to have been able to have the experiences I have had along with spending the past year and especially the past two weeks with such amazing leaders and my 24 best friends.

Emily Lloyd

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