Last Week/By Mia Scalley

November 28, 2023 - 2023 Operation Moksha

The past few days have been so much fun, and these experiences will stick with me forever. We went on hikes, did yoga, ziplining, and more. All these people here have made it even better too.  We finally got back our fancy outfits that we picked out fabric for and they are beautiful, and I love them. The lady that made them for us is amazing and so kind for making all these outfits for us. The days have gone by so fast and it’s so sad that we are coming home in a few days and leaving all of this behind.

On the 27th we didn’t have to teach so we all went on a hike. This hike was so beautiful and unlike any hike I’ve ever been on. It wasn’t too long and at the top there was a church and multiple shops. We got to walk through the church, and we had to take our shoes off, so we went through with socks. In the church they gave us a sacrament and they put some paint on our foreheads. Then we ate lunch in this huge open area by the edge of the mountain and got to walk around and take such cute photos. I got a photo with a cow which was one of my goals for this trip because they are everywhere here.

The next day on the 28th we also didn’t teach so we had a free day. We woke up and me and my village team went to go finish our mural at the school. We then got picked up in the back of a truck and drove up to this other church on a mountain to do some yoga. We walked through the church and like the other one they gave us a sacrament and painted a don’t on our foreheads, but this church they gave us these good luck bracelets which was super cool. Then we did yoga right in front of the church and it was super pretty and fun. Then after yoga we came back and ate some lunch and left to go ziplining. We drove up to this ziplining place which is the longest zipline in India. This zipline went form one mountain to another and then back to the side we started on. After ziplining we went to go eat out which I was supper excited for, I ordered a margherita pizza and it was delicious. Then we came back to the hotel and got ready for bed and that was our day.

Today the 29th was our last day at the schools. We woke up and went our schools and we gave them so much stuff. Hats, hygiene kits, blankets, school kits and more. They were so excited and seeing how happy they were made me so happy. These are seriously the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. Then we left around lunch and went to the two other schools and did our cultural exchange which included our song and dance. We finished with my school, and it was by far the best. Our kids were so into it and instead of singing aint no Mountain High Enough, we sang Baby by Justin Bieber and had a dance party. I was so sad to say goodbye to this little girl Reetu, she is my favorite and so adorable. These kids have had the biggest impact on me and all the time I’ve spent with them has changed me for the better.


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