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Kayla Criddle

August 11, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation: Kabu

Words honestly cannot describe the feelings that I have felt today. I have never in my life fallen in love with children this fast, but it is very safe to say that I already love these girls with all my heart. When I was traveling here I wondered how the people that have already been here could make that journey again knowing what it’s like. Three days of intense traveling… you must be crazy. Nope, they are definitely not crazy; they just have met the cutest girls in the whole world. I would honestly make that journey again in a heartbeat, even for one more day like today. When the girls came in they were glowing, and it was very evident that their happiness immediately rubbed off on everyone in the room. My favorite part of the day was at the very beginning right after we did introductions when the girls were filling out posters about themselves. One of the boxes said “My friends are:” and all of the girls were looking at our nametags and writing our names in the blank. It is amazing how open and loving these small girls are. It touched my heart and seriously made me take a step back from the small bubble that I live in. The example that the girls set for me is unreal. If everyone could be even half as happy and loving towards everyone like they are then the world would be a better place.


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