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JoDee scares the Sh*^ out of me.

April 1, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Zinda

Okay, so there’s hot showers. We have been well cared for.
As I sit here, wanting to “blog” the feelings and happenings of the past two days (cause it was amazing!) I can’t seem to articulate my words just right. I can send emails just fine and journal till my hearts content, but blogging?!?! Then when something does come to mind, I question “WWJT”. (What would JoDee think?) This has not only improved my integrity, but also my potty mouth (I said improve, not perfect).
Yesterday we got to spend our Easter hiking around an Indian Temple ground.As a group we found a nice cozy spot among some damp grass and animal poo and had ourselves a Gratitude circle. I may have said this before, but what an amazing group dynamic. As I looked around the circle at the faces of my peers, it gave me the opportunity to live in the moment and ponder on all the specific things I appreciate about each and every one. The “red string” Gretta talks about…. exsists even in the interview process. Talking with some of the teens, finding they applied for a fall expedition and didn’t get accepted, already showing courage to reapply, get accepted and complete “our”  A++ team. It wouldn’t be the same without a single one of them. This goes for the “adults” as well.
This morning was the first morning I didn’t feel the need to run around and make sure my village team was ready. Next thing I knew Greg was calling to me that they were all in the vehicle waiting for ME. I don’t know what was going through each of their minds, and although I wondered, I didn’t need too. Their hearts are so full of love and compassion for the children here. They have made an imprint on the people of India; not only on the children and teachers of the school, but all the on-lookers in the community. The kindness everyone has shown, the fact they would dedicate so much to strange children in India without even knowing them prior. It says a lot about these teens.
Even though it was the last day of working in our schools and some saw it as the end; I want the teens to know, it doesn’t always take a trip half way around the world to make a difference. There are people and opportunities all around us at home that are begging us to make a difference in their lives. My wish for team Zinda is to take the fullness they feel in their hearts and LIVE each day by serving others and improving their NOW. I truly believe the work here changes lives. May be different but we each have our reason for being here. Thank you to all the parents whom have instilled their trust in us, and allowing your most precious cargo to take this incrediable journey.
If at any moment you feel the need to fill your heart bucket, the red string awaits.
Ohm shanti shanti ohm.
Janese Fotheringham

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  1. WWJT. I will tell you what JoDee would think. She would think you are an amazing rockstar. She would think that you have put your heart and life on the line 3 times in 2 years and that you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

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