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It’s pretty hard to explain!

November 27, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

Hello everybody. How the heck are you?
This is my first blog…I’m not sure what to type…. I want to type everything that has happened but I don’t want to bore all of you or sound like a broken record. It’s pretty hard to explain what’s happening and how I’m feeling. I’m still not sure what to make out of everything. Right now I’m feeling like I really really want some rice pudding. That stuff is dang good.

It still hasn’t hit me that I’m in a third world country. I guess I was expecting it to be awful like I heard Africa is…people on the streets begging for food – looking like they’re only skin and bones. From what I’ve observed, these people are very respectable. A majority of their clothes look clean and they work hard to bring home some bacon. A lot of them don’t look like they’re starving, but they are pretty thin. There is garbage everywhere, and they burn it and it smells like smoke all of the time. I’m pathetic enough to say that the dogs are the thing that’s upsetting me the most (is that sentence constructed correctly? I’ve been talking like a two-year-old all week). I just want to hug them all and put them in a basket but I can’t because that’s crazy!

Today the kids were crazy. Like, super DUPER crazy. This is a good thing and bad thing. Good, because they’re now comfortable with us. Bad, because they’re now comfortable with us and feel they can get away with everything (and yes, I let them get away with everything). We had to take out the timeout mat for the first time and I’m pretty sure that the kids would purposely get in trouble so they can be put in timeout. It didn’t help that we would carry and swing them around when placing them there…. hehe..

Agh! I can’t believe that tomorrow is our last day with the kids. They’ve made a major impact on my life. I didn’t expect myself to be so close to them… I hope I don’t scare them away if I start bawling like a flippin baby. We’re giving our ashram and school hats, gloves, educational supplies, beanie babies, a cricket stick thing and soccer ball. Chaddy Daddy met a famous cricket player in the market today and got him to sign it!

So…ya. 29 days until Christmas! (woot woot…)

Love Bennie

November 26, 2012

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