It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

December 11, 2011 - All Posts, 2011 Operation Jyoti, 2007-2010 Older Operation

India is definitely not a place where life is easy. In fact, spending time there has made me realize just how easy my life has been. It’s not easy for the people who live there, that is evident. I have seen more hardship than I thought I could handle. But even just the short time I spent in India, I faced my own trials, and they each taught me something. Here are a few of them:

Squatter toilets- I got really good at holding it, I now have the bladder of a champion.

Language Barrier- I now know that as cheesey as it sounds, love can be accomplished without words

Missing my family- i think I will appreciate them more now, having ha a taste of what my life is like without them. I have been blessed with an incredible family.

The mouse in my room- it ate through my bag 3 different times, ruined my clothes, and when I thought I left my nemesis at the NHPC, it proved me wrong by hitch hiking in my bag. I was personally victimized by this mouse, but it taught me to not pack such irresistible food.

Leaving my kids- this was by far the hardest part of my journey. In the all-to-short time I was with these sweet little kids, I absolutely fell in love with them. And they lovingly tolerated my craziness. They taught me to wear my heart on my sleeve, laugh loud and freely, trust myself, and be grateful for all that I have. They have next to nothing and they are some of the happiest little kids I have ever seen in my whole life.

I could fill up pages and pages with how much I love these kids, and in my journal I have. But that is not the point I want to emphasize right now. The hardest things are almost always the things that are the most worth it. After our lengthy, uphill hike in the beautiful Himalayas, after seeing the sunset on the top of one of the highest mountains, this rings more true to me than other. I couldn’t have gotten to that beautiful place without the hard work that got me up that mountain, nobody could have. I also couldn’t have gotten to India without some very hard work, the love and generosity of others, and more luck than I could ever deserve. It sure as heck was not an easy trip, but it was so, unbelievably worth it.

Sarah Price

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