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It was pretty cool!

November 27, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

Today the girls at our Ashrum drew henna all over our hands, it was pretty cool! There are two girls from my school that I am bringing home with me, Shiveni and Bharti. I love all the girls from the Temple Aushrum. My favorite girl is Kajal, she barely speaks any English but she is so cute and loving. I have been having separation anxiety from Kimberlee and I am not sure what I am going to do for another week. Yesterday we stayed at Mr. Dhami’s house in the mountains. We had running showers and sitting toilets and it was amazingggg! Tomorrow we have to say bye to our temple and school kids and I am not looking forward to it. Today we were driving to our schools and I saw a white dog and his scalp was cut open and bleeding out and it made me really, really sad. The Indian people don’t take care of the animals. There are stray dogs, donkeys, and cows everywhere. It made me really miss my Kod and Al.

Kimberlee, text Paige for me, please, a cute birthday text on November 27th. Please don’t forget. Kimberlee, I hope you are doing swell and making good choices while i am gone. Don’t you worry, one day you will have an iPhone like R. You are a beautiful guuurrl. And, I miss you too much. Today I tried to buy you some bangel bracelets but the store owner took them out of all our hands and made us leave the store, because I am pretty sure he thought we were going to steal them. Hahaha, but I will try again and again, I promise. Enjoy your week!

Love youuuu!! <3

Mary Hannah Rawlings

November 26, 2012

2 Responses to “It was pretty cool!”

  1. Hannah!!I love you. I am so glad you’re having a good time. Keep making a difference, you are so amazing!!

  2. Hannah, enjoy your last day with the girls. Kajal is so so cute…love her!! The Dhami’s Orchard Hut is the best! See you in a week!

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