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Hi Friends – Katie Bennion

November 21, 2019 - 2019 Operation Alo

Hi friends. It’s Katie Bennion, the only person you all only care to hear from I bet. Right now I am eating rice and noodles. I haven’t tried the chicken (or whatever meat this is) yet but when I do I’ll make sure to let you know how it goes.

We just got back to Nishtha from shopping and I am so ready to go to bed, it’s been a busy few days. I can’t really even describe what it’s like here, it’s just an entirely different world compared to home (Side note, I just tried the “chicken” and it was NOT chicken. It was like a weird spicy spongey thing???? Not the biggest fan but it’s okay). Shopping here is both exciting but it also makes me very anxious. The streets are crowded with people watching a whole line of white kids and honking cars and bikes and let me tell ya… When you almost get hit by honking bikes and motorcycles, you really are grateful for those next few steps.

The people here are all in awe of us, particularly us girls (the blonder the more intriguing to them). On the first night all the girls went to this market and everywhere we went people were staring at us and just watching all of us. They’ll come up to you saying “One selfie please?” or “Ma’am, picture picture please!” followed by a gross, limp handshake. If they don’t ask you for a picture then they just take pictures or videos of you while you’re walking. It’s mostly boys that are so in awe of the girls and once you start taking one picture you were just swarmed by tons more. At first it was kinda fun being a celebrity in this world, but it got old and uncomfortable fast. This trip has definitely taught me how to say no.

The girls at the school is the attention that we all love. They all swarm you and love you and kiss and pinch your cheeks and hold your hand and tell you that they love you and that you’re best friends and that you can’t cheat. It so cute and adorable. (Update on my food situation: Ben just handed me a pomegranate) They say our names in the cutest ways and call you from the classes as you’re walking in. It’s seriously so adorable and there is just so much love here. It’s something that I can’t really describe but this has been the funnest few days and I’m excited for what’s going to happen next.

I’m tired and out of food to eat so I suppose I’ll head to bed. I hope everything at home is going well and I miss you all. I can’t wait to see you soon! Love you and thanks for reading this much of a mess of a blog. I will see you soon:)))))) ;))))) <33333 (; (; 🙂 😉

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  1. Little Miss Katie…rice and noodles are right down your alley! Thank you so much for your post. It warmed my heart! You have so much love &n wisdom to give, no doubt you are such a rock star! Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences! Love you!
    papa & linda

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