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Hannah Hall- An Experience I will never Forget

November 30, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

I came to India with expectations that have been exceeded beyond belief. Tuesday was the day for goodbyes. Though I did not cry like so many others did I felt a strong love for these wonderful kids I had been working with the last week. During the day we reviewed many of the lessons we taught earlier in the week. These kids retained more that I ever thought was possible. My favorite part of the day had to be when Sanjay one of the older and smarter boys gave me a picture that he drew when we gave the kids paper. Another fun part of the day was seeing the compassion that the kids showed when we gave them school supplies, hats, and necklaces. It was fun to be able to go up to some of the kids and put the penny necklaces on them and see their faces light up.

This experience will be one that I will never forget. I never thought that I would love the kids we worked with so much. I am so thankful for all of the leaders that have made this trip possible. I love how I have made such close friends here too. Thank you, everyone that helped make this trip possible for me. I cannot thank everyone enough.

-Hannah Hall

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