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August 15, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation: Kabu

Tears: they are such funny things. You cry when you’re sad, happy, stressed, injured, overwhelmed…. I was a victim to those salty wet droplets today. Tears formed in my eyes on two separate occasions..

Occasion number one- It was journal time. Everyone was writing in their little books, telling about their day, relaxing, listening to music. I’m sitting next to my little girl. Beautiful smart anamika, who didn’t understand AnYTtHiNg I was saying the first day of english lessons. I saw her writing something in my journal and it reads, “my name Anamika. Haley I love you you are so fun to be around. <3 anamika.” tears of love…

Occasion number two- sitting at dinner with all of the lovely girls, sharing a seat with one of them, talking to kajil- she said a sentence with pronouns in it!!! “Who are they?” Tears of joy!!! What we are teaching is sticking… A base is laid and progress is happening!!

Teachers: yeah there is huge progress in the kids, their English is improving faster then I believed possible- but I think the biggest thing being taught here is not the English… It’s hope, love, friendship- even with a language barrier.. Bonds have been formed, and more lessons have been learned then can be listed..

Dear India: please be good to these lively, lovely, crazy, adorable, innocent, brilliant, and happy girls- because I can think of no one that deserves it more then them.

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