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Great Leaders By Ashley and Allison

November 26, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar



The Adult leaders who travel here make great sacrifices in their lives to make this happen, here is a little about this amazing group of people who are watching after your beautiful children.


Jake-  Jake is always thinking ahead and anticipating our every need. He takes care of the teens so well and keeps us healthy during the winding drives, and occasional colds. He is selfless and always thinks of others before himself. He’s a trusted leader and loves India enough to come back for a 4th time, we have appreciated him every time, but this year was especially hard for him to make things work with his hectic job, so a special thanks to Jake for making huge sacrifices to be here and keeping us all laughing and healthy. We are so grateful for his care.


Amy- I love to watch the way Amy interacts one on one with these kids.  She is an amazing listener and always has a thoughtful follow up question to any conversation.  Watching her around our nightly bonfire has been a treat. She has fully immersed herself in this experience and has never once uttered a work of complaint.  She is always ready to offer a helping hand and we so appreciate her hard work and support.

Kira- Kira’s laugh is a fan favorite!  The whole group lights up when we hear her.  This is her second time in India, her first trip was as a teen and the impact left her wanting more. Her number one goal has been to help your kids be successful and be sure they feel the full impact of this experience.  She has a huge heart and is full of kindness and compassion.  She is both a confidant and friend to all of us.  Her youthful vibe mixed with knowledge and experience has been the perfect recipe for success.

Brittney- Brittney is new to this experience, she heard about YMAD through a friend and jumped in with both feet. She has a great leadership style, she sets out expectations and the kids rise to the occasion.  She is organized and always has everything buttoned up. She always has an interesting question to ask, it makes the kids really think.  She can dance, pitch a mean softball and has a kind heart. She is a huge support to us and is always ready to jump in no matter the situation.  We are extremely lucky to have her with us.

Jens- Jens has a heart of gold. This is his second trip with us and we couldn’t me more pleased to have him with us again.  He is a great example of a strong yet sensitive man and isn’t afraid to shed a tear or two.  His exuberance for service and love of humanity is infectious. He wants everyone around him to be happy and will go out of his way to make that happen. He is a kid at heart and always has an audience for his wonderful stories. He has a compliment at the ready for everyone and makes everyone around him feel confident and respected.  He is an absolute joy to be around, your kids are lucky because they will have a true friend for life

Braden- This is Braden’s third time in India, twice as a high schooler and now as an intern.  His efforts have been beyond measure.  He is our go to photographer, tech trouble shooter, confidant to your kids, attendance keeper and comic relief.  He never complains and is always ready to lend a helping hand.  He is absolutely hilarious and if you listen carefully you will catch some fantastic comments. We can’t imagine India without him, his cool confidence brings a sense of ease and love. Thank you for being out right-hand man.


Thank You parents for sharing your wonderful children with us.  Thank you for all your efforts in getting them to India, we hope that it has been a life changing experience, one that will stay with them forever.  We can’t wait to see what great things they go on to do in their lives.


Ashley and Allison

2 Responses to “Great Leaders By Ashley and Allison”

  1. Thanks so much for the little glimpse of our Brady.
    This year has been a different experience for mom and Dad too!
    We have really missed his blogs posts!
    The Hudspeths

  2. We can’t thank you leaders enough! You have all taken such good care of the teens and of each other. Thank you for all your sacrifices and for making this such an amazing experience!

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