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First of all, it has been…

November 27, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta



First of all, it has been so much fun to be here in India with all of my close friends that I’ve been able to make. Even right now I’m just casually sitting in my room playing Mario Kart against my friends. I have really come to love being here and experiencing both new and old things with these great people. We have been able to go to our village schools and ashrams and the kids we have met there are so bright and intelligent and I’ve come to really love them and want to always be with them. On one occasion we were at our ashram when the caretaker came up to us and offered us a bag of walnuts in gratitude for all we had done. Although it didn’t seem like much, that experience really  touched me because he was offering all he had and it truly meant a lot to him to offer us this gift. The work we have done is clearly reaping its benefits as we can see the children beginning to comprehend and become able to speak general english and do some of the basic functions of learning. This is especially amazing because I have been assigned to two schools that have not previously had YMAD or any other support group come help them, so us coming here to them is totally unanticipated and alien for them. I am going to be so mournful the day we have to say goodbye to our students because we have bonded so closely together. Even now we see how much we mean to them through things like them leaving huge signs that read “Welcome all of you” written in chalk on the ground. India is such a beautiful place and I have absolutely fallen in love with the culture and the landscape. I would honestly love to live here and be able to have the India experience everyday. One special thing I have really become fond of would be the special brand of Lays chips they have here, Spanish Tomato Tango. The people here are quite impoverished and yet substantially content and happy. It’s amazing and I want to be able to find that kind of a lifestyle for myself one day. I am so glad I came here and the experiences I have here I will remember for a lifetime.







2 Responses to “First of all, it has been…”

  1. Chandler! Sounds like your having a great time! Why does it not suprise meYou found a tomato flavored potato chip you like? I love it! Hope you have more great experiences to come. We Love you tons, Mom

  2. We want to try those Lay’s chips, so bring some back for our Christmas talent show/party. While we are trying to learn some of the gospel principles, you are actually experiencing and living them.
    Everyone in the class is calling you a sluffer, but it’s probably worth all the makeup work (from Ben). The girls all wanted to see more pictures of you.

    Bro. Cook’s class!

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