Exploring/By Eleanor Woolley

November 28, 2023 - 2023 Operation Moksha


On Sunday we did a hike to the top of a mountain. It was about an hour and a half away from our hotel. We were very cramped in the car and it was super hot. I got a little car sick but I had some dramamine. The hike was an hour through beautiful trees. It was really warm surprisingly and I definitely did not wear the right clothes for the weather. At the top there was a temple that we got to go inside. They gave us these weird sugary rice things for the sacrament. We ate lunch at the top and took lots of pictures. On the hike down Aubree slipped and hit her ankle. She sprained it. We had to help her down the mountain because it was hard for her to walk on. When we got back to the hotel we had a gratitude meeting. We all went around and said something we were grateful for. After we got surprised with letters from our family. My dad wrote me a letter and I loved it.


On Monday we did yoga in the morning. I’m not flexible at all so yoga is so hard to do. They had some poses that were traditional which was super cool. The yoga we did was in front of the temple that we got to go in after. The priest put these bracelets on us for safe travels and said a prayer. He put the bracelets on the left hand for girls and the right hand for boys which I thought was super interesting. Later that day we went zip lining. I was actually terrified because last time I broke my back but I did it. There were two zip lines that we got to do and I didn’t make it across either of them. The hike back up was insane. It was so so steep. I tried to help Aubree up but the people were getting mad at me. After we went to an Italian restaurant. We weren’t having Indian food for once! We got back to the hotel and some of the boys came down and said their laundry was gone. Their laundry had blown away and they couldn’t find most of it.


Tuesday was our cultural exchange day. We all went to our schools and gave out what we had got the. We gave them blankets, hygiene kits, a school kit, candy, a ladder, and new school uniforms. It was adorable seeing their reactions. The other schools came to our school for the cultural exchange. We did our dance and sung our song. The moms of the kids did their cultural dance and it was super fun. They let us join them after a minute. We went to all the other schools and it was fun to see all their students. The last school instead of singing we had a dance party. We had a mosh with the kids it was so funny.

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