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Deep thoughts during car rides… Paula Plazas

November 29, 2013 - All Posts, 2013 Operation: Akata

Blog number 2! Mom, dad, Haleigh! Still doing good and going strong! I want to share a couple thoughts I had on my car ride to the boarding school for cultural exchange. I read this blog when I was deciding to do YMAD or not, so I hope if anyone who is questioning on joining YMAD I hope this will help a little.

On our drive I was sitting in the back of the tata looking out the window thinking of me and Calvin’s talk the night before about how we thought India would be like and how it’s nothing we imagine. It reminded me back to when one of my friends mom asked me “why India? It’s so dirty!” At the time I didn’t know how to respond and if she were to ask me again I would have a response but not a very good one because talking and trying to explain this trip doesn’t come close to living this experience but I can give it a shot. When I look out the window I could see trash on the roads and dirty ponds so yes it can be dirty. When you look past that and look a little deeper into India you can see the beautiful place that India is. The loving people, the bright clothing, the culture! It’s truly is amazing. When I first got here it felt like being in a different world but now I call Nishtha my home! And I don’t want to leave home! The people here don’t have a very good image of how we live back home but back home we knew that there is poverty here. You would think us back home would be more grateful for what we have. The people I met here are happy with the little things they have in life. So I guess if someone were to ask me, why India? Why put so much effort for 9 months for only 2 weeks? Why be put so far out of my comfort zone? My answer would be because I have learned more in the past week then I have in the past 17 years! This was all in a 15 minutes car ride! I then noticed we were at the school and saw all the beautiful smiles of the girls waiting to welcome us with open arms!

I haven’t even skimmed how amazing this has all been. I’m on the verge of tears every time I have to think about leaving them tomorrow. Those girls and India will now always have a special place in my heart! Today as I was saying goodbye to a girl she looked at me and said ” Tomorrow you no cry” as she walked away I began to cry but didn’t let her see. I wish I could be with them forever but I now am forever changed because of them. I can only hope I have helped them like they have helped me!

I have been very healthy this whole trip and don’t really miss home. (Sorry mom) I did miss my dog as I held a puppy in my village today. Mom I decided when I come home I want Wendy’s and a solid Jamba Juice! That’s all I have wanted this trip! I hope all is good back home and try not to miss me to much! See you December 2nd!

2 Responses to “Deep thoughts during car rides… Paula Plazas”

  1. Baby girl, words can’t express how proud I am off you, and what I beautiful soul i believe you have. You have been sent to this earth with so many gift… a great capacity to love, to forgive, to give of yourself selflessly… you are one of kind and I was bless with having you as my daughter.
    If you are wondering if I cried reading your post, the answer is yes, how could I read and see how much you have grown in 2 weeks and not be filled up with emotions? You are amazing and if before I used to believe you were able to achieve anything you put your mind to, now you have prove me right.

    I hope you get the opportunity again to live more experiences like this, I hope you have the opportunity to come back and share again with all this wonderful people of India, and I hope one day I get to share that with you (if you want).

    As you mother I will be eternally grateful to this people that I don’t even know, because their love have touch your life and have made you better and stronger.

    Can’t wait for you to be home and be able to listen all your stories…knowing you I know there will be plenty of funny ones, and some scary ones (like spider scary)

    Love you


  2. I almost didnt make it reading your whole message as tears kept coming to my eyes… I am so proud of you and how much you have grown in this short days…I remember the days where u would choose your vacation spot depending on what kind of food they eat I can see trough your words the appreciation that you have and how much you have learned…as your dad read it tears started just running..we are all so very proud of you..You share a lot of the same feelings your dad, Vanessa, and me had when we went to India all on different ocassions..being there makes everyone appreciate how happy you can be and how little it takes to find true happiness. cant wait to see you and hear all about it while we all share a big Jamba Juice! next year u need to take Johny!!

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