Bieber Boo Thang/By Noah Woolley

November 29, 2023 - 2023 Operation Moksha


Bieber Boo Thang

These past two days have been hectic. On Monday my group left early from breakfast to go finish our mural. Our mural is a scene of India with colorful mountains and a colorful sun with a river full of fish running below them. Once we finished our mural we got picked up and rode in the back of a mini truck bed to the yoga temple it was a very bumpy dirt road.     

At the temple we started our yoga class. Yoga for me was very difficult so me, tucker, Seth, and the other guys all took the very front next to the instructor. We were very good at yoga (I can’t even touch my toes).  We did some very awkward and weird poses in the yoga. The yoga was on the side of a mountain in the courtyard of a temple overlooking the Himalayas and the beautiful valley. Everyone said their backs felt super good like butter after the yoga, mine felt like someone threw rocks at it. 

After that we had lunch and went on a zip line. The zip line was way fun except for the fact I somehow didn’t get writhing 50 feet of the platform on both 500 meter zip lines. Even Eleanor got closer than me and I weigh way more than her. 

Yesterday was a exciting sad day. We started off by going to our own schools and having them put their fingerprints on our mural, then we gave them all of their supplies. I handed out the hygiene kits which would help each of them exponentially. After we gave out all of the supplies we went to Taylor’s school in the mountains. We did our cultural exchange and they did a dance for us. After that we went to Maddie’s school, we did our dance which of course I messed up and said bye to the kids. Last was our school. We lined up to dance to our song but Kira decided to play baby by Justin Bieber. Our school just turned into a really fun dance party that lasted for like 5 songs. Our school is arguably the best. 



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