Annual Ode to Raj By Braden Hudspeth

November 29, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar

Annual Ode to Raj


To say Raj is

to say love

to say everything will fit together

to say everyone will have fun

to say everything is organized

to say sweaters are on the way

to say dinner is on the fire

to say clouds will move

to say things will seemingly fall from above

to say police cars are hard to steal

to say roads were made to be fun

to say cakes will be made nut free

to say slides will be made perfect

to say everyone will fill with joy

to say all kids will be cared about

to say let me make a call

to say I need my princess shower

To say humility

to say honor

to say gratitude

to say easy

to say done

to say a man infinitely greater than himself


O! Raj! A literal magic man! May we venture through India in the hands of such greatness! A world awaits presenting itself as organized chaos because of one man! School children up the hill may get the most deserved attention from new teachers. Toast pops out from around the corner steaming hot ready for Nutella. A bus appears perfectly on time. Shoes and socks appear on tiny feet. Fresh sweaters warm little boys and girls as the go running around their small school yards. Raj giggles as we race down the hill in his sick gypsy to buy more goodies for our newest little friends. That’s easy; at least for one man!


An ode to raj could not be complete without some of his finest fancies. For instance we have Road Raj, a one man call center, black yak hoodies, the most sweet little Shelly, attempts to take a police car, simple fact checking, driving “fast n furious”, funny guys, “this guy! what the heck!”, “It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming!”, “Easy! I know a guy. Just down in the market.”, “Oh my god.” That’s definitely not all!





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