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Allison- My Team

November 30, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

Hello Everyone,
I can’t that we are coming to the end of our trip. It has flown by and so much has taken place it is hard to now where to start.  I guess I will just start with my team. Again, it is Josh, Jordan, Ethan, Kayla, Moraya, Kelsie A. and Chelsie. They have all worked tirelessly everyday, they have really fallen in love with the children and the children with them.

Josh is so much fun. He is always making the kids laugh and they are all very drawn to him. He can make the kids do anything. He is a great asset to our team.

Jordan is extremely organized and knows his workshops well. He is a very effective teacher. He demands respect but in a kind and gentle way plus he is very fun and has some great dance moves.

Ethan makes us all laugh.  He is a very hard worker and has grown very attached to the kids. He is a quiet strength.

Kayla just needs to smile and she is surrounded, there are at least 10 little people pulling her in a million directions. She has a very infectious smile.

Moraya is a celebrity. Everyone old and young wants picture taken with her. They think she looks Indian. She is very well prepared and teaches her workshops with enthusiasm. We have a girl with autism, Moraya spent quite a bit of one on one time with her, it made quite a difference.

Kesie A. , the kids love her, her blond hair is quite the attraction. One of the groups we teach are some small children about 5 to 6 years old. Kelsie has great ideas and can quickly improvise. She is a very hard worker.

Chelsie, last but certainly not least, the passion that Chelsie has is unmatched. She wants to make a difference so badly and has. Watching her teach her workshop on teeth brushing  was such a pleasure to watch. She is great, she always listens to everyone and is always making sure you are okay.

Thanks you again for sharing your beautiful children, I love them all like they were my own.

As for me, I just feel extremely grateful to be with such wonderful people.  The other adult leaders are great. Raj and Nandini are two of the best people I have ever met, they ate so kind and giving. Our fearless leader Chad is fantastic, he has a very calming personality along with a great sense of humor. He loves the kids and the love him. I am grateful to be here with him, he has worked very hard.

India is an amazing place. The mountains are beautiful. The roads are crazy. The never ending chaos and the beautiful colors. The people are happy and would give you anything and everything you asked for. They are beautiful people with kind hearts. I don’t know of another place like India on earth. The salty tears from your children will forever stain the dirt of India. We were so sad to leave the kids and they were sad to see us go.

To everyone at home, thank you for your never ending support and your constant encouragement. I love all of you.


4 Responses to “Allison- My Team”

  1. So proud of you moo!!!!! I am so happy that you got to experience what i experienced! Miss you so much cant wait for you to come home!! love you!!-zipper

  2. We love you. Thanks for your kind heart and happy smile. What would we have done without you?

  3. Allison, loved checking the blog daily and going through your updates and pics. I am so glad you had such a fulfilling experience!! Have a safe trip back.

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey through words and photographs. I have no doubt that the children of India are changed by your love and kind heart and that the teens that were under your watchful care were blessed to be there with you. I can’t wait to join you sometime in the weeks ahead to hear your stories!

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