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Aidan in Wonderland By: Aidan Hopkins

November 26, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar

As I am writing this I am driving down the mountain after leaving my school for the last time; with the most wonderful view in front of my eyes. This has been the most enlightening moment in a very long time for me. These kids have given me the world and taught me so much. They were the real teacher. These kids are so fun, nice, full of joy and purity. I will miss these kids so much but i am so grateful for the opportunity I had to teach them and care for them. They became family to me. It puts lots into perspective.

This trip has given me the opportunity the teach and help so many kids and truly make an impact in their lives. I feel that I accomplished that goal. The real impact though was put on me. These kids, the people in my group, and the wonderland that is India has taught me more than i could’ve ever comprehended. Being in this part of the world makes me want to help others more and i may not be able to directly help the people in less fortunate countries as frequently as i’d like i still have the ability to help those around me. India has made me realize how much i truly have to be grateful for.

I will forever be grateful for these kids, this country, my family because they love me and care for me so much, my country because i have so much opportunity to do great things with my life, my amazing home, my amazing friends, the opportunity to go to a great school. I would like to specifically point out how grateful i am for this group i have gone to India with. They have caused so much growth for me in this past year and i will never forget them and the impact they made on me. They are my Parivar. 🇮🇳

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