Goodbyes, gifts, and more By Bentley Arndt

November 26, 2019 - 2019: Asha Ki Chamak

Goodbyes, gifts, and more

Well today was the last day with the kids. We all felt sad leaving and then and some people even cried. Not me though I got testosterone, so I can’t. Anyways, at the beginning of the day it went as usual. We got up at 7 and we had breakfast at 7:30. We had eggs and naan. The bus ride was interesting going up Ashley asked us to to find something new on the ride up to the school and I found out that there’s a shirt that we pass everyday that is hanging between two trees.


We just reviewed today and we did it about til lunch time. Today was especially crazy because they think they could whatever they want because they have known us for over a week. They just want to play and not learn at all. Rupel, Astha, and Sonakshik are going to be the ones I miss the most. They are all so sweet and all have a big personality. Every kid slides on a hand rail that’s off to the corner, so we thought that it would be a good idea to get them a slide. We got them a slide that’s about six feet tall. The problem was it was a drop off and it was angle of twenty degrees downward. So the person who set it up walked off and we were kinda confused because the slide had a definite design flaw. So we called them and they hauled it off and are getting a new one.


At the very end we gave them all the humanitarian supplies. It was so interesting to see because all the stuff we take for granted and they get so excited just to have their own pencil. It’s a very humbling experience to see people who have little to nothing get things we get all the time. Some of them had two left shoes and when they got new shoes they were so excited they wanted to put it on right there, but we made them wait til tomorrow. See you in the USA on Saturday at 7.





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