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Nick “Clutch” Clark- Dimpel my girl!

November 25, 2012 - All Posts, 2012 Operation Ekta

(My Name is Nick “Clutch” Clark. I am here on this expedition as one of the Semi-Adult leaders.)
The overwhelming view of the Himalayas is breathtaking. There greatness in size makes you feel so small. All along their sides you see much detail. Windy switch back roads, scattered houses from top to bottom and their beautiful color. I love being here. I am amazed that people have established their living on these mountain sides. They are a great example to me of how you take what is given to you and how you make it work. The same is with your kids. I am so impressed with the high school students on this expedition. They have taken to the children and   love the people of India. Teaching in rural schools in the depth of the Himalayas with out knowing any Hindi is a difficult task. I have seen your kids grow and hop right into teaching. It’s amazing to see the love between the students and our YMAD kids.

One morning I was with a group of YMAD Kids walking to our orphanage we would work in that day. As we approached the school we could see the excitement on all the student’s faces. One of the most tender moments of the whole day is the start. The students are so excited they can’t sit still. They stand with bright big smiles and greet us “Good Morning”. As that day continued I had an amazing experience, one that has changed me forever. We had all the students split into different circles. As we were teaching I saw a little girl off to the side of a group with a sad look on here face. I went up to her and introduced myself. She wasn’t having it, I just smiled and grabbed our translator. As I went back the second time I was ready for her and smiled even bigger than the first time. I had the translator tell me why she was sitting on the out side. She told me that the little girls leg hurt from walking to school each day. She said that little girl had to walk 1 and a half hours just to get to school. My heart was broken. I said we are having a doctor coming in a few days and she will check it out for you! She finally cracked a little smile. I said come play a game with me when you’re ready. Throughout the day I would smile at her and check on her. I even gave her a piece of candy. The best moment  was one she finally came to play! She had a big on smile on her face. I love this little girl named Dimpel. She is now one of the main girls who participates in class! I learned a lot of this experience. I learned just how lucky we are in the states for the health, school, and things we have. The other is to never give up on some one. Sure she didn’t smile back the first time but now she is one of the happiest girls there. India is an amazing place. and the expenses your have are life changing! Thank you Baird’s!



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