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It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye – By Haidee Armstrong

June 7, 2019 - 2019: vada ka yuva

First we said goodbye to our lives. Goodbye to our friends, goodbye to our families, goodbye to our showers, goodbye to our beds, goodbye to our social media. Next we said goodbye to our kids. Imagine you getting ripped apart from your children. Those were MY kids and I just had to let them go and say goodbye.Then we said goodbye to Sandeep, our “fun uncle,” and the others at Jibhi Camp. Those who made us laugh and those who made us good food. Gone. Then we said goodbye to our translators in whom we confided and adopted as sisters. And now we have to say goodbye to the monkeys outside my window, to Raj, the man behind it all, and goodbye to India. I am going to cry again when we have to leave it all behind, except I really will not be leaving it all behind because I will take so much with me. I still have all the souvenirs I bought and the pictures I took. I still have the love of those kids I taught. I have Raj’s words of wisdom. I have the laughs and the tears. And so as I carry on my journey through life India will have a part of Haidee and I will forever have a part of India. Wow am I going to miss this place like crazy! And sorry I am going to be cliche but I honestly believe that this experience has changed me. And not just the fact that I don’t mind taking bucket showers, but the fact that I actually feel like I can be good and act to make a difference and change the world. It started with vision, compassion, gratitude, integrity, forgiveness, inspiration and courage, but it became so much more. This became love. True love: charity, a feeling that cannot accurately be described with words because it is so powerful. As hard as it will be to say goodbye, I can’t wait to move forward with this love, a love that I hope every person on the planet will strive for because if we all were to have it and feel it, imagine how much better the world would be! 

2 Responses to “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye – By Haidee Armstrong”

  1. Can’t wait to see you darlin’! I’m glad you made so many new friends and memories. Love you.

  2. I’m glad that you found more to love – even half-way around the world. Though your article focuses on the goodbyes, before you can say goodbye, you must have said "Hello". How fortunate you are to have said "Hello" to family, friends, India, monkeys, Raj, interpreters, and adorable school children. We look forward to saying Hello to you again as you return home. Safe travels! We love you.

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