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“Life is More Than a Breath and a Heartbeat…” by Sheryl Dority, RN

June 26, 2019 - 2019: Asha Ki Chamak

“Come to India! 

You can be the medic! 

It will be fun!” he said. (Tim)

 …And now here I am and it’s the best job ever! Each day, I’ve been able to travel from school to school doing medical assessments on the children. I’ve been able to see each member of our team in action. I’ve seen their talents and the love they show each child, teacher, staff, and family member. 

As we’ve returned each night, several of the teens have shared their best as well as their hardest moments. We laugh together… and each story they tell brings with it a recollection of my experiences with each of them at their schools. Medic, Mentor and Mother…these are the rolls I cherish here with them.

Joseph asked us one morning, what our favorite moment has been here in India. I told him that I couldn’t narrow it down to a single moment. It’s more than that. It’s a culmination of all the moments and memories of the culture, the amazing scenery and the beautiful people I’ve come to love. 

My favorite part of each day is sitting knee to knee with each child. Placing my stethoscope on their chest, I listen to the beating of their big beautiful hearts. We look into each others eyes, smiles and sometimes laughs are exchanged, but always there is a sense of appreciation for each other. “NAMASTE” as they say here in India. “The God in me recognizes the God in you.” It’s breath taking!

There have been so many memories and moments for me in India. Most of them have been beautiful and amazing… and some have been difficult and sacred. I feel grateful and blessed by all of them. I’m changed for the better and grateful for the friendships and lessons I’ve learned along the way. 

Thanks Tim for inviting me. Thank you Connor for sharing this experience with me. I love you Conn Man and can’t wait for the many adventures we have yet to share! Thanks to everyone at home who has love and supported us our journey. We LOVE and MISS you so MUCH!!!

“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.” ~Tahereh Mafi.

Thank you YMAD team and India for touching my heart and allowing me to touch yours. 


2 Responses to ““Life is More Than a Breath and a Heartbeat…” by Sheryl Dority, RN”

  1. So beautiful!! In my energy studies I learned about Namaste and use it all the time!! I’m so happy for you to have learned it as well!! I’m so happy that you guys got to have this experience!! Love you both!!

  2. What a wonderful experience!!!

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