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Nectarine Smoothie – Chase Chamberlain

June 19, 2019 - 2019: Asha Ki Chamak

Yesterday I was told that I am a contagious laugher, and today I was told that I am a contagious crier. 

            Today was the day we had to say goodbye. Goodbye to the schools, goodbye to the sickening bus rides, goodbye to the villages, and goodbye to the kids. I can say without a doubt, that this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It amazes me how much love one can feel in such a small amount of time. I’ve known these kids for a total of 8 days, and there’s not a single thing I wouldn’t do for any one of these beautiful little angels. 

            (The rest of this blog will be basically just be me gushing about all the things I’m grateful for this trip, so bear with me. Or don’t, it’s up to you.)

            First off, I’m grateful for my expedition team. The kids and leaders I’m with  are so amazing, and I’m blessed to have met them. I know I can feel comfortable with any of them, and really be myself around them. 

            Next is my village team. Bryson, Katie, Paige, Ada, and our fearless leader Tim Scanlan, have made this trip more meaningful than I could have ever imagined. The immense love I feel for each of them is indescribable. We are no longer a team, because we have grown into a family. 

            I’m grateful for our translators, and for the love they show to us. They treat us all as family, and without them we would have been lost along time ago. Our translator, Yashika, has been amazing, and she is without a doubt part of that fore mentioned family

I guess I’m grateful for Raj. 

Finally, Im grateful for the schools, the kids, the teachers, and everyone who was a part of this amazing community that we had the pleasure of serving.  The principal, Hadasingh, is one of the humblest people on this earth. Binod, Mohit, Amit, and others, are just a few of the many more people that have helped make this journey of mine so great. 

I love this place. More than I can ever describe properly. I love it. I love the mountains, the smells, the driving, the food, and the culture. But most of all I love the people.

(That’s the end, but here’s a list of all my kids because I love them more than anything.)

Subhash, Vansh, Kunal, Arnov, Aryen, Sohityah, Aryen pt2, Karan, Priya, Manisha, Menakshi, Shirya, Puja, Ashmita, Navya, Sukarti, and Ashmita. 

4 Responses to “Nectarine Smoothie – Chase Chamberlain”

  1. It sounds like you’ve had an amazing experience with much to be grateful for and love to go around. Doing hard things with the right attitude and effort usually results in great joy and lasting memories.

  2. Nicely stated Chase. There is no doubt to how this experience has affected you. Are you not entirely sure to be grateful to Raj? Also, can I have the pina colada Sobe. from your fridge? If I don’t hear from you by morning, I’ll count that as a yes.

  3. LOVE this post!

  4. Chase!
    I love hearing how this trip is affecting you!!!
    The love you feel for these people, as strong as it is , is minuscule compared to how our Heavenly Father feels for them and you! You might even understand how your dad and I feel for you a little more. Yes? We adore you, and miss you like crazy!!! But also are so happy for you, the experiences you get to have and proud of how you are YOU, and the wonderful man you are becoming!
    I understand your feelings right now; you dont want it to end, and you dont want to leave. Try to absorb it all, breathe it in and live each moment aware and grateful for what and where you are. Memories to hold onto in the boring days of "normal, ordinary life". I know you and many of your group are going to feel sad, even depressed when you leave and come home. (Post gig Blues is what it’s called in some fields) You ve been a part of something larger than yourself, and as a group you have grown really close. You , Dallin, Bryson, Tanah and Emily have it easier than most, because you have each other close by to re-live the experiences with, talk about it commiserate being back and it being over with- to process it all with. Keep in touch with those who are not as close by, be there for eachother. These relationships can be for ever! I can see the changes in all of you as I read your blogs, and am excited to see the long term effects of India and YMAD on you all.
    I am excited to see you on Sunday, and understand if you are not. Some of the others have asked for steak when they get home; do you want mac-n -cheese? Love you, Chase!

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