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Mission Accomplished – Bryson Rasmussen

June 19, 2019 - Uncategorized

It is a sad, yet triumphant day. Today we said goodbye to our kids for the last time. My school was the last one to be visited by our group and I just took it all in as much as I could. When we first got there, I was greeted by all of our kids all dressed up in traditional Indian attire. Priya, the oldest girl, look especially beautiful and she gave me the biggest hug. When I sat down, I was greeted by one of the older boys named Sahitiya and he gave me an Indian cap especially for me! It made me feel like he really appreciated me and I will treasure that cap forever. 


            We all danced together and said our final goodbyes and then I watched the kids I had grown to love disappear from the back of our jeep and the question crossed my mind: “Did I make a difference?” and as I thought about It I could picture all the bonds I had made and all the kids who we came here for. I pictured how they would run out from the school just to greet us every day and be so excited to see us, I pictured the headmaster Harasims’s face as he tearfully thanked us for coming and told us that we accomplished our goal. I pictured the entire village watching us as we played with the children, and I could tell they were going to remember us.


            We got out of the jeep and I sat on the ground for a moment to ponder. “I did make a difference.” I thought. Right then I finally began to cry, realizing how much I was going to miss them and immediately Sheryl was there to comfort me. I have grown so close to those kids and to my group and I am never going to forget this experience. I am so grateful to my leaders and to YMAD for the gift that was this trip and because no matter what life throws at me I know that a group of very special children In a tiny town in Himachal Pradesh, India, cares about me. And If those sweet little kids love me, how bad can I be?

2 Responses to “Mission Accomplished – Bryson Rasmussen”

  1. You’re a great young man and I’m sure that you did make a difference. I love the pictures and smiles. Have fun!

  2. Among other things you have planted seeds and opened hearts, including your own, it seems. If that’s not making a difference I don’t know what is. To be loved by a child is the sweetest, isn’t it! Thanks for sharing this tender post, Bryson.

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