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Beauty Redefined – Delainey Wynne

June 19, 2019 - Uncategorized

Over the journey of this trip many words have been redefined for me. Beautiful. Beautiful I normally use to describe physical attributes. But here beauty is in just about everything. Beautiful is the small hands giving bones, rock on and hand hearts. Beautiful is the hair barrettes lining every braid. Beautiful is the rubber shoes featuring holes. Beautiful is the apricots given by a mother on the walk to our school. Beautiful is the “p” sound that accompanies every word with an F. Beautiful is the happiness that comes from a train set. Beautiful is the kids grabbing their face saying “oh no” while reading our book. Beautiful is the kids hugging their blankets to their chest. Beautiful is little Aryan crying because his backpack is heavy with new supplies. Beautiful is the kids shouting chomp chomp every time we say alligator alligator. Beautiful is the immediate connection with the kids. Beautiful is the smell of rain in the mountains. Beautiful is the bright colored roof tops littering Kullu. Beautiful is the rhythmetic clapping at Cambridge. Beuatiful is Pushpa grabbing my face and kissing my cheek. Beautiful is the sunshine beaming from the kids. Beautiful is the thick accented English. beautiful is the orange dots placed on our heads. Beautiful is the religion found at every corner. Beautiful is the selfless translators who’ve become our best friends. Beautiful is the kind heart of our principal. Beautiful is the puzzle being built by the cars every time we drive. Beautiful is the cook saying the school is his temple. Beautiful is Suhana wiping my tears from my eyes. Beautiful is the big smiles, big eyes, and even bigger hearts. Beautiful is Chansari, Beautiful is Kullu, Beautiful is India, Beautiful is this experience. 

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  1. Wow! Amazing blog post! Beauty redefined as you have found leads to so much happiness. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. Beautiful is Delainey! I love this. Thanks for another inspirational post. You are all so awesome!

    ❤️ Ada’s mom

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